Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does a misting system work? 

    Misting systems have been around for many years. They work by pressurizing water and force small amounts of water through a very small orifice the size of a human hair. The smaller the particle size the faster it vaporizes. When the atomized water hits the hot air, it begins the process of evaporating leaving behind cool refreshing mist.

  2. How many misting heads do I need?

    It depends on the application. We usually suggest spacing misting heads every 2 - 4 feet. The idea is to surround the guests with cool refreshing mist.

  3. How many misting heads can you put on a system?

    We have customers who has installed as many as 20 misting heads on systems.

  4. What is the water flow rate through the misting heads?

    The misting heads allow just half a gallon per hour per head. So if there are two misting heads on your system it would go through approximately one gallon of water an hour of continuous use.

  5. Do I have to use purified water in the system?

    No…you can…but it’s not necessary. All misting systems fight with calcium build up in the misting systems. We install as a standard a fine strainer to keep impurities from going through pump and into misting heads. Where there is hard water, we recommend the installation of a calcium inhibitor filter in place of a strainer. A good rule of thumb…If you can drink the water its most likely good for the misters.

  6. What is the part with a blue tip on it?

    It is NOT a misting head. This is an Automatic Drain Valve (ADV) it allows the water to drain from the misting tube and heads preventing the water from causing calcium build-up. The result is the ADV helps prevent clogging of the misting heads. You’ll usually find it near the pressure side of the pump.

  7. The blue valve sprays a steady stream of water when I turn on the system…is that normal?

    A steady stream is not normal. The ADV is designed to release water until it pressurizes the system. Once it pressurizes the system…the ADV seals and allows the misting heads to maximize the effectiveness of the mist. When the system is turned back off it will also release water to drain the water from the misting tubing and heads. The Automatic Drain Valve (ADV) has a blue tape to prevent taking it apart.

  8. I have a boat…do I have to have an on-board water source?

    You do not…we have our 2400 series marine misting systems with its own tank. But if you have an on-board tank our 2300 series marine misting system easily connects to your existing freshwater tank to allow you just to fill one tank.

  9. Can I use salt water?

    It is NOT recommended for two reasons…you don’t want to mist with fine particles of salt…you’ll get itchy and second the misting heads most likely will clog fast. Warranty would be voided as well.

  10. Do the misting heads get clogged? And what do you recommend to clean them?

    In the occurrence that the misting head(s) clog, first scape your fingernail across the head to see if there is anything blocking the misting head. If that doesn’t work simply unscrew the misting head, soak in a cleaner like CLR, use high pressure air and blow any debris from the head. Blow compressed air from both ends. That should clear the head.

  11. How long does your water tank last on your portable system?

    Portable misting system - has an eight-gallon tank. It comes with 4 misting heads…it will mist for approximately 4 hours of continuous use until the tank needs to be filled with fresh water.
    MarineCool - Depending on the amount of desired mist, at low mist expect the 5-6 hours before it’s time to refill. For Medium mist, 4-5 hours and in high mist 2-3 hours
    CartCool – Depending on the amount of desired mist. For areas with high humidity, low to medium mist allow 4-6 hours before refilling. For areas with low humidity and high mist, 2-4 hours before refilling. A good rule of thumb is you are playing golf, check the water lever after 9 holes to play it safe. 

  12. Can I add ice to the water and does it work better?

    We have had many customers say the mister work better with ice or frozen bottles of water floating in the tank. Also, you can use the cold water from an ice cooler…and that work great as well.

  13. Is it easy to install?

    Most of our misting systems were designed with the Do-It-Yourselfer in mind and can be easily installed.

  14. I have a boat and what kind of top do you recommend?

    The great news is our marine misting system has been designed to handle all types of tops: bimini tops, canvas T tops, hardtops and even a misting bar that works on all the types.

  15. Do I want to cool my head or my feet?

    We’ve been told by doctors that a person feels the effect of cooling the body by starting at the head and then the body. So we always recommend to install the misting heads to cover the persons head first. To cool a person’s feet, you have to first consider the type of flooring…if it a slick surface then mist should not be used. But if it’s designed to accept water then the system will cool the deck.

  16. How small or large of a boat does this work with?

    Customers have installed our misting systems on small dinghies as well as large 50-foot vessels.

  17. I have a pontoon boat do you have anything that will cool my deck?

    Yes, our 2420 marine misting system is designed to cool the passengers head as well as their feet. This is a two-zone system with independent cooling zones. So one zone can be for their head and the other for their feet.

  18. How do I turn on-off the system on my boat?

    Most of our boat builders use and provide a separate accessory switch on the console to turn on and off the misting system. It is a 12VDC system, so it’s easily added to a marine application.

  19. Can you turn on-off the misting heads individually?

    Yes there are 12VDC zone valves that can be added to any of our misting systems.

  20. When can I use the misting systems?

    The best times to use the system is when the sun is out and the temperature is above 75 degrees. The hotter it gets the more evaporative cooling takes place. We don’t recommend using the misting system at night or when it’s raining.

  21. Do you install the systems?

    We do not, however, if you have some basic skills, most of our systems are easily installed by our customers. Some of our other systems we recommend a dealer or shop help you with the install (the in-dash MarineCool system is more complicated and you may need some help with it). We are available for free consultation to help with installation, design or set up. For additional installation information, click here.

  22. What is the warranty?

    All our systems have a one-year warranty on parts and workmanship. Please refer to our complete warranty for details.
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