Mister-Comfort was founded in 2006 by Bill and Carol Ford who are boating enthusiasts from Florida. One year before they went into business they needed a way to cool down their boat during the HOT days watching the Sarasota off-shore boat races. Their sister-in-law was taking chemo and she couldn’t bear the hot summertime. So Bill went on a quest to find a solution to cool down their boat to allow her to join them as she did for the past twenty years. Bill visited the Miami boat Show as he did each year and found nothing but plastic fans and a very expensive and large misting system.

Bill knew the fans wouldn’t work…but began to investigate the misting system. What he discovered was the misting system was not designed for the harsh marine environment and it cost around $5,000…not to mention there was no room on his 24ft. boat to store the unit. So Bill then decided to design his own affordable, compact and marine grade misting system. The end product resulted in not only his sister-in-law enjoying the boat trip but the idea created what we now know as Mister-Comfort Marine Misting Systems.

Mister-Comfort has made many improvements in their products over the years but they kept the core ideas in place….offering the most cost-effective yet quality misting systems available.

Mister-Comfort’s engineering and design teams have produced a host of other misting systems:

  • Portable System for tailgating and outdoor sporting events of all kinds
  • Golf Cart System designed for off-road vehicles
  • RV Awning System designed for campers and motor home enthusiasts who want to stay outside
  • Patio System to make porches and patios comfortable

Give one of Mister-Comfort’s misting systems a try…you’ll be happy and COOOL that you did…

MISTER-COMFORT is the COOL new way to enjoy all of your outside activities.

MISTER-COMFORT outdoor misting systems provide hours of refreshing cool mist that lowers the surrounding air temperature by as much as 25 degrees. The patent pending misting heads form a cool curtain of fine mist that acts as a barrier; separating you and your guests from the summer heat.

Enjoy the outdoors…all year long! MISTER-COMFORT has a misting system specially designed for boats, patios, RVs and a portable model for everywhere else. Easy…DO-IT-YOURSELF installation design allows anyone to setup a system in minutes. Durable non-corrosive and UV resistant materials will allow years of service. MISTER-COMFORT…how COOL is that! How Does it Work? MISTER-COMFORT is based on the scientifically proven theories of evaporative cooling and thermal dynamics.

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