Portable Misting System


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Be cool anywhere with our completely self-contained system. Sets up in less than 5 minutes.

Be cool anywhere with our completely self-contained system. Sets up in less than 5 minutes. MISTER-COMFORT's Portable Misting System is a uniquely designed self-contained misting system. It comes complete with an 8 gallon water tank, which allows you to use this system in any situation where there is no pressurized water. Perfect for tailgates, picnics, beach parties or anywhere you need to stay cool. The Portable Misting System’s unique pump draws water from the specially designed portable water tank, pressurizes the water and delivers it to the misting heads to create a fine mist.

  • Provides hours of refreshing mist
  • Lowers temperatures up to 25 degrees
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Easy wheel around design
  • Durable non-corrosive materials
  • Setup in less than 2 minutes
  • Easily “cools down” a 10’ x 10’ tent
  • Additional heads available

"Your portable misting system set up in minutes and made the pre-game party so much more enjoyable...thanks Mister-Comfort"

Kathy S. Phoenix, AZ

The Portable Misting System comes complete with wheels and a folding handle for easy transport. The 12-volt DC high pressure pump powers the system from your auto/boat/12VDC battery or you can purchase an optional AC/DC converter or power pack. Start cooling down your tent in less than 5 minutes. Simply setup your tent, wheel the Portable Misting System in place, clip the misting heads around the perimeter of the tent canopy and turn on the mist. Use MISTER-COMFORT's Portable Misting System in any situation where you do not have access to pressurized water. Take it on your boat or use it in the backyard. Customers have reported on a hot summer day, MISTER COMFORT has dropped the outdoor temperature by up to 25 degrees. This allowed them to enjoy their outdoor activity in comfort.

Standard Kit includes:

  • A specially designed 8 gallon Water tank with folding handle and wheels
  • 12 volt DC High Pressure Pump
  • 14 foot Cigarette Lighter plug
  • Screen mesh filter
  • 4 Mister Head/tubing configuration (10' spacing)
  • 7 UV rated Plastic DELRIN mounting clips
  • 40' polyethylene tubing


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Price: $399.99