Pontoon Mag. Aug 2018 MarineCool Article

Mister-Comfort has been providing cooling relief to the Marine Industry since 2006,
becoming the leading choice for pleasure, sports and commercial boating applications. When the temperature is too HOT to enjoy being on the water it’s time to find a solution and that solution is an MarineCool marine misting system from Mister-Comfort. An MarineCool mister is the affordable way to stay COOL and Comfortable while boating and the only system in the marine industry suitable for all types of boats.

MarineCool video courtesy of Crevalle Boats

MarineCool is a self-contained system easily added to today’s popular open-air type boats and provides a COOL DRY refreshing mist.

Based on the scientifically proven theories of evaporative cooling and thermal dynamics this process simply removes the heat out of the air leaving a Cool refreshing temperature behind. This process allows a temperature drop in the immediate area of up to 20 degrees. This innovative system adjusts for both fan and mist levels, offering a customer a focused comfort level in boating...especially on those hot and humid boating days.

Both OEM and after-market installations are possible with this unique MarineCool system.
MSRP $525.00

MarineCool Mister System Features:

  • The Air/Mist Control Panel allows user to define the amount of air and cooling mist
  • Easy to fill 48oz. water reservoir
  • Powerful 252 cfm turbo fan
  • Up to 20o drop in ambient temperature
  • 12vdc, 5amp max. draw
  • Patent Pending
  • One year system warranty
  • Compact Design: 14”L by 3”W by 5.5” H Marine Unit - 4” ducting and vent - 7.5”H by 7.5” W by 3.5”D water reservoir

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