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#3001 Standard RV Misting System Kit
  • Designed to easily clip to existing awning
  • 3 Mister Heads
  • 3 UV rated Plastic DELRIN mounting clips
  • 38' UV poly tubing
  • Garden hose adapter
  • On/ff manual valve
  • Automatic drain valve
  • RV water adapter kit
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#3003 Custom RV Misting System Kit
  • Designed for RVs that have an on-board water tank and require a more custom installation.
  • 125 psi pump/filter
  • Automatic drain valve
  • 4 Stainless Steel Misting heads
  • 35' UV poly tubing
  • Adapters/Velcro straps & grommets
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    Mister Heads can be easily added to the 3001 kit for larger applications.
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     RV Sales Flyer - (PDF 1.3 MB)

     Product Warranty - PDF (107 KB)

“Everyone now comes to our campsite during the HOT days because we are COOL...thanks to Mist-er-Comfort” ... David R. , Apopka FL
You buy a camper to enjoy the outdoors...yet you find yourself sitting inside due to the HEAT...Not anymore...MIST
COMFORT reduces the outdoor temperature by up to 25 degrees.

Easy…DO-IT-YOURSELF installation design

We have developed a misting system which provides a COOL refreshing mist specifically designed for campers. It uses the scientifically proven theories of evaporative cooling, and thermal dynamics to simply remove the heat out of the air leaving a cool refreshing temperature behind.
The misting pump system is permanently in-stalled inside the plumbing compartment and connects to the water tank through a specially designed adapter.

Mist-er-Comfort...how COOL is that!